The Road to Bliss

Once upon a time, or roughly eighteen months ago, a dear friend proposed to her diverse group of women friends the concept of regular get-togethers for conversation and the consumption of chocolate. The question asked was what would bliss look like for each of us. The responses were all over the map.

Over time, we’ve had opportunities to share, reflect, and support one another. Recently, we asked ourselves where we are now, right now, in that journey. Despite the differences in life circumstances amongst the group, two messages were heard over and over.

The first theme was that of personal competence. Regardless of what challenges or adventures faced the individual, there was a feeling of being equal to the task in front of them. Be it exploring a new chapter in one’s personal or professional life, we feel prepared to do battle with ferocity or serenity as the individual’s style and situation warrant.

As women, we have often felt the need and expectation to say yes to whatever was asked of us. Indeed, there was a genuine difficulty and aversion to saying no to anyone, regardless of what was being asked, or who was asking it. Predictably, then, the second message of the evening was about saying yes. The difference, however, was to say yes to ourselves. Whether it is to take a chance at a new career, personal interest, relationship, or staying the course, this time in our life is about saying yes. In doing so, we give ourselves the permission, and therefore the ability, to try, explore, fail, laugh, cry, share, and just be the women we dare to be.

We know the next steps will not all be easy ones, nor will they all be filled with joy. In fact, we know without a doubt there is hard work and times ahead. However, we also know it is at this time in our lives we have the ability, the strength, the courage, and the support to be these fabulous women on the road to personal bliss.

Fabulous women, you ask?

You damn right we are.


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