Break Your New Year’s Resolution Yet?

It’s not just that New Year’s resolutions are so easy to break; it’s that they’re so easy to make. Do more <good habit> or do less <bad habit>, am I right?

We all start out hopeful and full of energy, or is it just the sugar-high from Christmas? Regardless, if you’re like me, we really do start out with the best of intentions. And, if you’re also like me, it doesn’t last long. The disappointment, frustration, and disgust, however, do …

Which brings me to what I do this time of year: pick my annual theme. It works best if it is a single word or phrase. A theme works because it gives focus to connect actions and intentions all year long. Choices become clearer; as do consequences, but without the same guilt of breaking a resolution.

If at all possible, make your theme a verb. It gives you momentum. My theme for 2017 is “flex”. I’m not talking muscles, exactly. Although, now that I think about it … it could.

I want to push my boundaries, my capacities, and my degree of tolerance (and acceptance) for change. Sounds like a lot, but when I wrap all I want for myself into “flex”, suddenly it becomes clearer what I should do each day.

It also means that when my husband has some cool technology that I “really have to try” I don’t throw something at him. Instead, I’ll ask him why and be genuinely curious.

Who knows? I may actually like trying new things? I mean, I doubt it, but I’m ready for 2017 with a theme that promises to be an adventure.

Credit and thanks to Lisa Martin (personal coach) for the notion of a New Year’s theme.

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