Playing with the D-Rings of Life

So maybe it was the thrill of being in a foreign place that a sense of adventure commandeered my better judgement. It could have been because my husband really wanted to go and this was a couples’ vacation. More likely, I was exhausted from life, hence the need for this vacation away, and he got me when I was vulnerable.

Regardless, I found myself strapped into a harness, watching the waves crashing against our tiny boat. I realized there was a lot of water around us. I started to get second thoughts. As if our local guides sensed my concern, they began to let the line out and I bounced on the bottom of the boat. It distracted me, and moments later, the lines on our sails were let out and that boat got further and further away.

There is no other way to describe it: we were being flown like a kite.

I’m not crazy about heights so I decided it was best not to look down. I didn’t like the way the clouds were gathering (yes, there was a storm approaching), so I decided to look into the distance. Again, land was a long way off, but it didn’t look so scary. And then it happened … my husband told me to stop playing with the d-rings.

I had no clue what he was talking about until he calmly explained.

Annoyed, I told him I had to do something to keep myself from being anxious up there. I mean, what was the big deal? He’s an avid fiddler with anything and he was telling me not to do so?

He assured me that if I wanted to go down in a hurry I should just keep doing what I was doing. Alright, what he really said was the only thing keeping me attached to the sail was the d-rings. That I was fiddling with.

Now, I’m not one to panic, but I sure did that day. Thankfully, it took the form of freezing in place. He had to pry my fingers from the d-rings.

That was almost 20 years ago and I have never been flown like a kite since…

But, it did get me to think about how there are times in our lives when we find our situation precarious, much like my kite-flying adventure was to me. It also made me think of what I learnt from such an experience … besides never doing that again.

First of all, we should live life to the fullest. That means be watching for opportunities and when one presents itself, we should recognize it as such and take advantage of it.

Second, accept the fact that by taking advantage of opportunities, we are sometimes going to find ourselves in a less than optimal, even downright bad, situation. Gotta take the good with the bad, right?

Third, cultivate the types of friends and colleagues that will not only notice when we’re heading for trouble, they’re invested in you enough to warn and even, when called for, take steps to prevent serious harm: especially the stuff you don’t see coming.

Life isn’t without its dangers, but when you have people willing to be flown like a kite alongside you and keep your fingers off the d-rings, well, then you’re set for whatever opportunities come your way.

Personally, I’d stay away from anything with a d-ring…

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